Events 2021-22

Events Organized in 2022-23

Web Dev
Web Development using Django
The Web Development using django workshop was conducted on the 28th and 29th of August through the means of Microsoft Teams. CSI conducted its first Webinar, since the formation of the new Council. The workshop was conducted in two groups namely beginners and advanced. The beginners’ workshop helped those students who did not know python programming language, while the Advanced Workshop was aimed towards those students who had some background in web dev. The workshop was open to everyone in Somaiya. More than 200 people registered! for the workshop.

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FE meetup conducted for introduction of the council
On the 17th of October 2022, we conducted a workshop for the newly admitted First Year Students of our college. We introduced the Council and gave insights into the inner working of our college and council. It was a highly interactive ice-breaker session which helped formulate a roadmap for the juniors.

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Online workshop on a guide to Hacktober fest
The main aim of the event was to introduce the students to Hacktober fest and how to participate in tit. Hacktober Fest is a month long event conducted in the month of October and sponsored by Digital Ocean, Intel etc. To complete the challenge to win interesting goodies, students had to contribute to open-source repositories. We created a superhero repository registered under Csi and Hactober within which students could add superhero figures to complete our directory.

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Techroutes Webinar
‘TechRoutes’ is an annual seminar, conducted specially for the newly admitted First-Year Students. The Seminar is conducted to guide the FEs towards the path that they should follow throughout the four years, to manifest a successful career in technology, and a few tips are also provided to the FEs on how to ace the competitive exams for their further studies. This year, the speaker for the Webinar was Mr. Parth Doshi, an associate software engineer at Zycus Infotech Pvt. Ltd. A workshop began by the speaker giving an outline of all the points covered in the next hour which included a detailed outline about each year of the undergraduate degree. The speaker explained the importance of academics and the credit based system for future opportunites.

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Codeclan Abhiyantriki Event
Codeclan was a competitive coding competition organized into a total of 4 rounds. Following a tough race to the finish, the participants were able to complete the third and fourth rounds too, and finally, the winners of the competition and the runners-up were announced. While this was truly an enjoyable experience for the participants and their teammates, due to the nature of the events being hosted online, it was a different experience for the council too.

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The event involved learning as well as a fun competition among the participants in the latter half of the event. The event was divided and conducted in 2 days. The first day was basically involving a teaching session, where the tech-team taught how to use the pygame library. The second day the participants had to implement all the learning they had gathered on the first day and compete with each other in teams. The participants were then divided into teams of approximately 3 people and were asked to choose on game from the list of games provided by the team.

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Smart India Hackathon Internal Hackathon
The Smart India Hackathon was an internal hackathon conducted by CSI for the students of KJSCE. It acted as a precedence to select the best of the best teams to represent our college in the prestigious Smart India Hackathon. It was a 36 hour hackathon, we had 180 participants across all years. It was an amazing experience for the council as well as the students who got to create projects on problem statements curated by different organisations within the Govt. Of India.
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Cyber Security Webinar
The main aim of the meet was to provide an insight into the vast field cyber security and give an idea to all the beginners. Mr. Rishi Kanwar, a Cyber Security Consultant at Riskberg Consulting and a part-time bug bounty hunter in the Team-based CTF's, was invited as the speaker for this webinar. He is also currently ranked as a Pro Hacker on HacktheBox. The speaker shared all the resources from where the beginners could commence their journey in Cyber Security. He also gave information about the internships and job opportunities in the field of cyber security.
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Image Processing Workshop
The Image processing workshop gave insights into the working of Open-CV, an open source computer vision and machine learning software library. OpenCV was built to provide a common infrastructure for computer vision applications and to accelerate the use of machine perception in the commercial products. The students were thoroughly explained the fundamentals of OpenCV including how to install OpenCV, documentation for reference and implementing any necessary changes in it. They were then shown how to implement OpenCV methods on images of their choice.